Patricia receives occupational therapyPatricia

Congratulations Patricia!

Patricia received physical, occupational, and speech therapy in preparation to go home. At evaluation Patricia’s physical mobility scale score was at 18 indicating she was at a severe risk for falls. At the end of her treatment, she improved the score to 40 indicating a low risk for falls. At the evaluation, Patricia’s AM-PAC score was 18/24 indicating she would require moderate assist with activities of daily living. At the end of her treatment, she scored 23/24 indicating she is modified independent with activities of daily living requiring no assistance when she returns home. Patricia also participated in speech therapy to improve her ability to swallow and decrease aspiration risk. Through oral exercises with speech therapy, she was able to improve her strength and diet.

We are excited to see Patricia improve and return home. We are extremely proud of all the hard work she put into getting there.



Congratulations Barbara!

She is one of our many therapy success stories at Louisville East! She came to us only able to complete activities of daily living at 70% and her safe gait distance was 50ft. At discharge, she was completing ADLs at 98% and walking 200 feet! In her words: “Therapy has been great and everyone has been so nice to me. There is always someone available if you need anything. My aid, Kim was wonderful. I’m excited to be going home.”







These past few months, the media has been inundated with sad, hard, and just negative news. There are so many struggles for so many people, we could all use something positive. Our story about our fight with COVID had run in a newspaper in Florida. This gentleman, who knew nothing about Louisville East or our staff, took the time to write a letter to our unit manager, Chrissy Wilson, that was featured in the article. He thanked her and our staff for our dedication. This will continue to lift our spirits when we have hard days.

Thank you Dennis Fruitt for your kind words. Your caring gesture makes a huge impact.






We love sharing our success stories! Bernice came to us with a trimalleolar fracture and she worked hard to be able to get back to complete self-care! She went from completing activities of daily living with 50% independence to 90% independence! She made great strides in safe gait from a 10-foot distance all the way to 170 feet! In her words: “The staff treated me so well. I liked how they helped each other out and that made me motivated to work hard.”

We are so proud to see Bernice move on to her assisted living home!️





Patrick R

Name: Patrick Roth

Diagnoses: Right knee fracture

Physician: Dr. Grewal

“I can’t say enough good things about my stay here. I appreciate the nursing and rehab team. They helped me get stronger in this right knee and get back home. The nursing staff-especially Chrissy took good care of me.   I would definitely come back if I needed therapy again.”

He received Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy in preparation to return home.


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James M

Name: James Moran

Diagnoses: Left Ankle Fracture, Coronary Artery Bypass

Physician: Dr. Grewal

“The rehab staff were great-especially Sue and Abu who worked so hard with me to improve my strength and standing.   I know that I have cardiac rehab planned for 12 weeks with the hospital outpatient therapy department, but this has definitely prepared me to go home.”

He received Physical and Occupational Therapy in preparation to return home.


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Name: Sandra Sprouse

Diagnoses: Irregular Heart Beat, Heart Disease

Physician: Dr. Grewal

“The staff treated me wonderfully. The therapists were a fun group to work with. At first, I didn’t feel like I could do this and would not get better. Slowly over time while coming to rehab each day, I got a little stronger. I would encourage anyone considering coming here to never give up, and never stop. You will get better.”

She received Physical and Occupational Therapy in preparation to return home.


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“I would recommend Louisville East to anyone. I had a very good stay here. As for care, it was excellent. Everyone was just wonderful! I have to mention Cindy (therapy) she was special. She was always there for me and was so kind. The nurses were great and very professional!”
– Dorothy, former patient

The location of Louisville East was great because it was close to home. It made it easy for my husband to visit frequently. My rehab was a great experience which was much needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you to all your staff!”
– Martha, former patient

“ I have really been pleased with all the care I’ve received from everyone at Louisville East. All my needs and questions have been taken care of. The staff has been very sweet, truly a nice stay. Thanks to all!”
– Janis, former patient

“I highly recommend Louisville East to anyone who needs specialized care. They make you feel like family and they are just a blessing in my life. I can’t say enough good things about the therapy department. Because of them, I am going home walking, which I wasn’t doing at all when I got there. I am so thankful for all the CNA’s, nurses, and doctors that have treated me. I’ve been very blessed by these people.”
– Tammy, former patient