Success Stories

Welcome to Louisville East Post Acute, where we cherish every resident’s journey to wellness! Join us as we honor our resident’s success stories. We were honored to be a part of the healing process for each resident we had the pleasure of serving.

Congratulations to Jerry!

Jerry in Physical TherapyJerry arrived at Louisville East Post Acute with a recent hospitalization for surgery after sustaining a femur fracture.  His prior level of function was modified independence with a caregiver three times a week to assist with home management and bathing transfers.

Jerry was evaluated by Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. During the OT assessment, it was found that he required moderate assistance with his lower body activities of daily living.  He had a very difficult time donning his pants, shoes, and socks. Toileting transfers and clothing management were very difficult due to a decrease in overall strength and balance.

At his Physical therapy evaluation, it was noted that he had inadequate postural control with transitional movements and overall decreased strength and coordination, during ambulation he was noted with decreased single limb support, discontinuity of steps, and deficits during turning. On the sit-to-stand standardized test, he was rated as a high risk of fall due to a score of 0 indicating a decreased ability to perform sit-to-stand.

Jerry also expressed a high fear of falling. He stated that his goal was to return home with modified independence as before his fracture. Jerry attended all his therapy sessions and worked very diligently. He was very motivated to heal and to return home.

At discharge from therapy, he was able to don his pants, socks, and shoes.  He was able to manage all toileting skills.  He was able to ambulate with a 2 wheeled walker for at least 125 feet. He even improved his sit-to-stand standardized test to a score of 3 indicating a low risk of falling. Jerry exceeded his goal of returning home alone. Congratulations Jerry!

Congratulations to Charles!

Charles in Physical TherapyCharles arrived at Louisville East Post Acute in September 2023 after sustaining a fall at home resulting in a femur fracture.

Charles was evaluated by Physical Therapy. At the evaluation, he required moderate assistance for standing pivot and sit-to-stand transfers with a walker with maximum verbal cues for proper hand and foot placement throughout transfers.  The transfers were only allowed with the skilled services of a therapist, therefore nursing required transferring patients via a Hoyer lift for safety. Charles was unable to ambulate and unable to advance his left lower extremity for several weeks. In Occupational Therapy, Charles required maximum assistance x 2 people for toilet transfers with grab bars and a bedside commode. He required maximum assistance with upper body ADLs and maximum assistance x 2 with lower body ADLs.  He presented with upper body weakness and decreased sitting balance requiring increased assistance to participate in ADLS. Charles’s progress at first was slow.  He has a very supportive family that encouraged him and with therapeutic exercises, graded balance activities, and compensatory techniques education he was able to progress to a functional level to return home.

At discharge from therapy, Charles was able to perform the following at stand-by-assistance level:  climb and descend 4 steps with bilateral handrails, ambulate 125 feet with a rolling walker, toilet transfers with bedside commode and grab bars, toileting skills, total body dressing with adaptive equipment, total body bathing with a tub transfer bench. This is a huge success for Charles! He met his goal of returning home with his wife.  Congratulations Charles!

Congratulations to Fran!

Fran in a wheelchair with a speech therapistFran was admitted to Louisville East Post Acute after suffering a stroke which impacted her ability to communicate, ambulate, and perform activities of daily living independently.  Fran participated in PT, OT, and ST and worked very hard in these therapies to reach her prior level of function.

In Speech Therapy, she made impressive improvements in communication.  Since the recent stroke, Fran had difficulty with expressive and receptive language skills which made it very difficult to communicate with her family and to make her wants and needs known.  Through Speech Therapy, she was trained and instructed in following multi-step directions, naming objects, reading, writing, describing scenes, and basic communication of her wants and needs.  She had tremendous success!  At discharge from therapy Fran was able to express the experience she had at LEPA, “I really like PT and OT, they have trained me well and helped me improve and get stronger.  My speech hasn’t improved as much as I want but I’m still making great progress.  The rehab team is very friendly, and they all encourage me so well.”  It sounds like great progress in language skills too!

In Physical Therapy, the focus was on improving her dynamic standing balance, lower body strengthening, and gait which were all impacted after her stroke.  At evaluation, she was only able to walk 10 feet with handheld assistance from the PT.  Her Physical Mobility Scale Test Score was 23 indicating a high risk of falls.  At discharge, Fran was able to walk 300 feet or more with supervision, transfers with modified independence, and improved her Physical Mobility Scale score to 33 indicating a mild risk for falls.

Occupational Therapy focused on her basic activities of daily living that the stroke had impacted.  At evaluation, Fran required maximum assistance with total body dressing and toileting in which she had to receive assistance for 75% or more of the ADL tasks. Fran participated in strengthening exercises, coordination tasks, and balance activities and was trained on compensatory techniques with OT.  At discharge, Fran was able to complete toileting and total body dressing tasks with 0% caregiver assistance with adaptive equipment.

Fran is now leaving LEPA to return to her prior home.  We are excited she reached her goals! Congratulations Fran!

Congratulations to Betty!

Smiling Betty holding a basket of laundryBetty was admitted to Louisville East Post-Acute after sustaining a fall at her Independent Living Facility that led to a hospitalization. Betty’s goals were to increase her independence with activities of daily living and mobility in order to return to her residence.

She participated in Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy. On evaluation, Betty presented the following deficits: decrease balance with a score of poor dynamic balance in standing; decrease endurance and fair strength throughout the upper and lower body, and moderate deficits in memory and problem-solving. These deficits contributed to decreased ability to walk requiring contact guard assistance for 15 feet with a rolling walker; moderate assistance needed for bathing and lower body dressing; and multi-cueing for safety awareness with activities of daily living and mobility.

The therapy treatment protocol included balance training, therapeutic exercises, gait training, compensatory tasks education, fall prevention education, and memory grids and sequencing tasks.

At the end if her therapy stay Betty increased her SLUMS standardized cognitive test score from 18/30 at eval [moderate cognitive deficits] to 26/30 [mild to no cognitive deficits]. The BERG balance score increased by 20 points which indicates a significant decrease in the risk of falls.

Betty also made significant improvements in her ability to perform her daily tasks safely and independently.  She is now modified independent with total body dressing and toileting, and supervision with bathing.  She can walk 500 feet indoors and outdoors on uneven surfaces with a forward-wheeled walker with supervision. Betty can ascend and descend 12 stairs consecutively with handrail and standby assistance.  She has improved her ability to perform all laundry tasks even carrying the laundry basket of clothes with supervision.

We are so proud of the hard and consistent work Betty put into her treatment! She has met her goal of returning to her prior level of function and returning to her Independent Living Facility.

Congratulations to Patricia!

Patricia at the microwave ovenPatricia was admitted to Louisville East Post Acute in April of 2023 with a diagnosis of sepsis of left TKA with an antibiotic spacer.  Her goal was to return home alone safely.  She was highly motivated and participated in skilled PT, OT, and ST at LEPA.  She made tremendous progress in all three therapies!

Patricia was assessed with speech therapy due to her complaints of “feeling foggy in the head.”  ST administered standardized tests and the assessment stated she presented with mild cognitive-linguistic deficits.  She began a series of treatments including problem-solving, attention to tasks, and reductive reasoning skills.  Within a few weeks, Patricia no longer needed the skills of ST due to scoring within normal limits on the standardized functional tests. Patricia stated she felt much clearer in her thinking.

In occupational therapy, Patricia participated in evaluation and treatments.  At the evaluation, she required maximum assistance from her caregivers.  Including max assist x 2 people for toileting, lower body dressing, and lower body bathing. Patricia required minimal assistance with upper body ADLs.  Through therapeutic exercises and education on compensatory techniques, Patricia has made tremendous progress toward her ADLs.  Currently, she is modified independently for upper body ADLS; supervision for toileting and lower body dressing, and minimal assistance for bathing all while maintaining Orthopedic MD recommendations.

In physical therapy, Patricia was educated in the weight-bearing status per Ortho MD.  At the evaluation, she required a Hoyer lift for bed-to-wheelchair transfers and was dependent on all transfers.  Patricia required max assist x 2 people for bed mobility and was unable to maintain weight-bearing status to participate in gait training.  Through lower extremity therapeutic exercises and balance training, she was able to increase her ability to perform these tasks all while maintaining Ortho MD restrictions.  Currently, she is modified independent with bed mobility, supervision with transfers with DME, and is now able to perform gait training in the parallel bars approximately 15’ with contact guard assist.

The therapy department is excited and encouraged by the great progress Patricia gained while participating in therapy at LEPA.  Next stop …HOME!

Congratulations to Beverly!

BeverlyBeverly arrived at Louisville East Post-Acute in October of 2022. She was participating in our therapy program receiving physical (PT) and occupational therapy (OT). Initially, Beverly was unable to walk. She required a mechanical lift to transfer and required maximum assistance per caregivers for her activities of daily living needs. Unfortunately, Beverly had several medical setbacks. However, after each setback, she continued to work hard and participate in PT and OT.

Beverly has made tremendous progress with her transfers, walking, and all of her activities of daily living. Currently, she is able to transfer from bed to wheelchair with standby assistance. In PT she is able to walk 175 feet with a 2-wheeled walker and stand-by assist. She is now able to go from bed to the bathroom with a 2 wheeled walker and perform her toileting and grooming hygiene with contact guard assistance. She was educated with OT on how to use durable medical equipment such as a bedside commode and transfers to increase safety and Independence with toileting skills. Beverly is also now able to complete her total body dressing with occasional minimum assistance.

Beverly is not done yet though!  She is still currently in PT and OT with her goal to be modified independently with walking and her activities of daily living. She has demonstrated the true meaning of “ if the going gets tough, the tough keep going,” by the demonstration of her will to continue to work hard and therapy even after a few setbacks. The Therapy Department is so happy to be a part of Beverly’s journey to independence!

Congratulations to Maxie!

Maxie participated in Skilled Occupational Therapy at Louisville East Post AcuteMaxie arrived at our facility following a fall she had at her ALF. Maxie had a decline from her prior level of function with all of her ADLs and functional mobility. At the evaluation, Maxie was dependent on sit-to-stand and was unable to walk. Through progressive resistive exercises, ROM, and balance training with PT she is now able to perform sit-to-stand with a walker or a grab bar with minimal assistance. Amazingly she is taking steps now with PT walking with a walker approximately 10 feet! The ALF she previously resided stated she is stronger now than when she was residing at their facility.

Maxie has also participated in Skilled Occupational Therapy. At the evaluation, Maxie was dependent and occasionally had maximum assistance with toilet transfers.  Through improvement with upper body strengthening and education with compensatory techs, she has improved her ability to push up from the wheelchair arms, reach out for a grab bar, and pivot to a bedside commode over the toilet with moderate assistance and occasionally minimal assistance.

The therapy team has really enjoyed working with Maxie and is very excited about all her progress here at Louisville East Post Acute!

Congratulations to Oma!

Oma made good progress with skilled Occupational TherapyOma came to Louisville East Post-Acute after a recent hospitalization to participate in Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services. Her goal was to return home with her family. Oma had a choice to make at the hospital. Receive a PEG tube or have the most restrictive diet due to the severity of her swallowing deficits. With her family’s help, Oma chose the diet change, which consisted of pureed texture and honey-thickened liquids, with hopeful expectations of improving her swallow strength and returning to the foods she normally eats. Oma and her Speech Therapist worked very hard with intensive dysphagia treatments that included therapeutic exercise and NMES treatment. At the time of discharge, Oma and her family’s hopes progressed to a reality.  She was strong enough to tolerate a diet with no restrictions!

Oma also made good progress with skilled Occupational Therapy. At the evaluation, she required maximum assistance with her daily skills, for example, self-feeding and toileting. Through therapeutic activities and education on compensatory strategies, she was able to improve requiring minimal assistance required to complete her daily routines. In Physical therapy, Oma made incredible gains! At the evaluation, she was unable to participate in ambulation due to poor strength and balance.  At discharge, she was able to ambulate 75 feet with CGA, which was functional for her to return home with her family. Oma stated, “I love the therapy here I am going to come back just to visit them.”

Congratulations Oma on excelling in therapy and discharging home with your family.

Congratulations to Patricia!

Patricia receives occupational therapy

Patricia received physical, occupational, and speech therapy in preparation to go home. At evaluation Patricia’s physical mobility scale score was at 18 indicating she was at a severe risk for falls. At the end of her treatment, she improved the score to 40 indicating a low risk for falls. At the evaluation, Patricia’s AM-PAC score was 18/24 indicating she would require moderate assist with activities of daily living. At the end of her treatment, she scored 23/24 indicating she is modified independent with activities of daily living requiring no assistance when she returns home. Patricia also participated in speech therapy to improve her ability to swallow and decrease aspiration risk. Through oral exercises with speech therapy, she was able to improve her strength and diet.

We are excited to see Patricia improve and return home. We are extremely proud of all the hard work she put into getting there.




Congratulations to Barbara!


She is one of our many therapy success stories at Louisville East! She came to us only able to complete activities of daily living at 70% and her safe gait distance was 50ft. At discharge, she was completing ADLs at 98% and walking 200 feet! In her words: “Therapy has been great and everyone has been so nice to me. There is always someone available if you need anything. My aid, Kim was wonderful. I’m excited to be going home.”








Resident testimonial to Ms. Wilson telling her thank you for their dedication.

These past few months, the media has been inundated with sad, hard, and just negative news. There are so many struggles for so many people, we could all use something positive. Our story about our fight with COVID had run in a newspaper in Florida. This gentleman, who knew nothing about Louisville East or our staff, took the time to write a letter to our unit manager, Chrissy Wilson, that was featured in the article. He thanked her and our staff for our dedication. This will continue to lift our spirits when we have hard days.

Thank you Dennis Fruitt for your kind words. Your caring gesture makes a huge impact.







Congratulations to Bernice!

Resident smiling.

We love sharing our success stories! Bernice came to us with a trimalleolar fracture and she worked hard to be able to get back to complete self-care! She went from completing activities of daily living with 50% independence to 90% independence! She made great strides in safe gait from a 10-foot distance all the way to 170 feet! In her words: “The staff treated me so well. I liked how they helped each other out and that made me motivated to work hard.”

We are so proud to see Bernice move on to her assisted living home!️







Congratulations to Patrick!

Patrick R

Diagnoses: Right knee fracture

Physician: Dr. Grewal

“I can’t say enough good things about my stay here. I appreciate the nursing and rehab team. They helped me get stronger in this right knee and get back home. The nursing staff-especially Chrissy took good care of me.   I would definitely come back if I needed therapy again.”

He received Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy in preparation to return home.


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Congratulations to James!

James M

Diagnoses: Left Ankle Fracture, Coronary Artery Bypass

Physician: Dr. Grewal

“The rehab staff were great-especially Sue and Abu who worked so hard with me to improve my strength and standing.   I know that I have cardiac rehab planned for 12 weeks with the hospital outpatient therapy department, but this has definitely prepared me to go home.”

He received Physical and Occupational Therapy in preparation to return home.


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Congratulations to Sandra!

Sandra doing rehabilitation with a staff member.

Diagnoses: Irregular Heart Beat, Heart Disease

Physician: Dr. Grewal

“The staff treated me wonderfully. The therapists were a fun group to work with. At first, I didn’t feel like I could do this and would not get better. Slowly over time while coming to rehab each day, I got a little stronger. I would encourage anyone considering coming here to never give up, and never stop. You will get better.”

She received Physical and Occupational Therapy in preparation to return home.


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Congratulations to Francine!


Francine arrived at Louisville East Post Acute at the end of December 2022.  She had several medical diagnoses and stated at home she was getting weaker and weaker.  Her goals were to get stronger in order to return to an independent level.

Francine received physical and occupational therapy 5 days a week at Louisville East Post Acute.  Initially she required: max assist with two people for transfers; max assist with bed mobility; max assist for self-propulsion of wheelchair 10 feet; dependent with toileting skills; moderate assist with upper body dressing and lax assist with lower body dressing.  She participated in standardized tests with the Modified Barthel Index score of a 28/100 indicating she required maximum assistance from a caregiver to complete her activities of daily living.

At the end of her stay in early April 2023 at Louisville East she was able to return to her independent living home. She made big gains with her activities of daily living and mobility.  She was able to: transfer to her wheelchair and to the toilet with stand by assist, able to self-propel wheelchair unlimited distances Independently, independent with bed mobility, upper body dressing with stand by assist and lower body dressing with minimal assist.

Francine persevered and was able to achieve her goals. Louisville East is so proud of the progress she made. Congratulations Francine!