Success Stories

Welcome to Louisville East Post Acute, where we cherish every resident’s journey to wellness! Join us as we honor our resident’s success stories. We were honored to be a part of the healing process for each resident we had the pleasure of serving.

Congratulations to Beverly!

BeverlyBeverly arrived at Louisville East Post-Acute in October of 2022. She was participating in our therapy program receiving physical (PT) and occupational therapy (OT). Initially, Beverly was unable to walk. She required a mechanical lift to transfer and required maximum assistance per caregivers for her activities of daily living needs. Unfortunately, Beverly had several medical setbacks. However, after each setback, she continued to work hard and participate in PT and OT.

Beverly has made tremendous progress with her transfers, walking, and all of her activities of daily living. Currently, she is able to transfer from bed to wheelchair with standby assistance. In PT she is able to walk 175 feet with a 2-wheeled walker and stand-by assist. She is now able to go from bed to the bathroom with a 2 wheeled walker and perform her toileting and grooming hygiene with contact guard assistance. She was educated with OT on how to use durable medical equipment such as a bedside commode and transfers to increase safety and Independence with toileting skills. Beverly is also now able to complete her total body dressing with occasional minimum assistance.

Beverly is not done yet though!  She is still currently in PT and OT with her goal to be modified independently with walking and her activities of daily living. She has demonstrated the true meaning of “ if the going gets tough, the tough keep going,” by the demonstration of her will to continue to work hard and therapy even after a few setbacks. The Therapy Department is so happy to be a part of Beverly’s journey to independence!

Congratulations to Maxie!

Maxie participated in Skilled Occupational Therapy at Louisville East Post AcuteMaxie arrived at our facility following a fall she had at her ALF. Maxie had a decline from her prior level of function with all of her ADLs and functional mobility. At the evaluation, Maxie was dependent on sit-to-stand and was unable to walk. Through progressive resistive exercises, ROM, and balance training with PT she is now able to perform sit-to-stand with a walker or a grab bar with minimal assistance. Amazingly she is taking steps now with PT walking with a walker approximately 10 feet! The ALF she previously resided stated she is stronger now than when she was residing at their facility.

Maxie has also participated in Skilled Occupational Therapy. At the evaluation, Maxie was dependent and occasionally had maximum assistance with toilet transfers.  Through improvement with upper body strengthening and education with compensatory techs, she has improved her ability to push up from the wheelchair arms, reach out for a grab bar, and pivot to a bedside commode over the toilet with moderate assistance and occasionally minimal assistance.

The therapy team has really enjoyed working with Maxie and is very excited about all her progress here at Louisville East Post Acute!

Congratulations to Oma!

Oma made good progress with skilled Occupational TherapyOma came to Louisville East Post-Acute after a recent hospitalization to participate in Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services. Her goal was to return home with her family. Oma had a choice to make at the hospital. Receive a PEG tube or have the most restrictive diet due to the severity of her swallowing deficits. With her family’s help, Oma chose the diet change, which consisted of pureed texture and honey-thickened liquids, with hopeful expectations of improving her swallow strength and returning to the foods she normally eats. Oma and her Speech Therapist worked very hard with intensive dysphagia treatments that included therapeutic exercise and NMES treatment. At the time of discharge, Oma and her family’s hopes progressed to a reality.  She was strong enough to tolerate a diet with no restrictions!

Oma also made good progress with skilled Occupational Therapy. At the evaluation, she required maximum assistance with her daily skills, for example, self-feeding and toileting. Through therapeutic activities and education on compensatory strategies, she was able to improve requiring minimal assistance required to complete her daily routines. In Physical therapy, Oma made incredible gains! At the evaluation, she was unable to participate in ambulation due to poor strength and balance.  At discharge, she was able to ambulate 75 feet with CGA, which was functional for her to return home with her family. Oma stated, “I love the therapy here I am going to come back just to visit them.”

Congratulations Oma on excelling in therapy and discharging home with your family.